2021 – SOTD – Week 2

Cold, wet, snow and all the grouchiness that brings. Still, we are inching every closer to longer days – think by the end of the week, it’ll be about 2mins 50 seconds longer each day!

Despite the snow (which left me housebound for two days), I’ve walked a lot this week, even venturing out to the Nature Reserve which was a sea of mud, but the air clear and fresh (and because it really was squelchy slippery stuff, even the phone had to be put away! A double win!).

No 8 – Soon My The Wellerman Come – Nathan Evans – TIKTOK Viral
Friday 8th January
Feel so late to the game here – yesterday I didn’t know this song existed, today I have been sent a dozen versions! And I’ve loved every one! 

The one with the ever descending bass. The one with Kermit. The one with the violins. 

Here’s the story behind the song and here an interview with the postie who has gone global. 

No 9 – In Search of a Rose – The Waterboys 
Saturday 9th January
Did a late night shopping (to avoid yis all) and was really surprised to hear this being piped out. Always associate this with my mum as my dad with changed the line to fit her name. 

No 8 – 10 – Lady Stardust – David Bowie – Anniversary of his death
Sunday 10th January
My timeline was full of Bowie songs today as people remembered him. This isn’t my favourite, but I haven’t listened to it properly in years so took the opportunity today. 

Also – Book Club day – wonderful to hang out with the LBCWSwan crew 🙂

No 11 – La Mer – Julio Inglesias – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Soundtrack
Monday 11th January
Our first LBC3Reads of the year introduced me to the works of John le Carre. I enjoyed the book so much, I then watched the film. 

And because I was reading it, my parents had watched it the previous weekend so it’s been a lovely bonding experience. 

Also, readalongs with Laini have resumed which is just lovely. 

No 12 – Beautiful Ghosts – Taylor Swift – CATS! Soundtrack
Tuesday 12th January
For some daft reason, I decided to watch Cats after reading a friends negative tweets. My first tweetalong in YEARS and it was a ton of fun. The film was NOT good but this original track actually works beautifully alongside the rest of the songs. (I have half a review written – hopefully I’ll get that up this week.) 

No 13 – Don’t Sell It (Don’t Give It Away) – Buddy Woods
Wednesday 13th January
No idea where I heard this – but it’s the only song that I shazammed that day so there you go! (I presume I was on a BBC 6 Music catch up – but it’s equaly possible that it was off a soundtrack). 

No 14 – The You and Me Song – The Wannadies – Romeo+Juliet Soundtrack
Thursday 14th January
This came up on a random playlist and I must have listened to it at least three times (not quite in succession…but nearly). It’s such a good song to grab a hair brush, sing along and have a dance to. That was one of Selina’s tasks in the Advent Calendar Extraordinaire – and it’s SUCH a good tip that I will be incorporating into my routine! 

A silly dance a day! No!!! No more projects Me!


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